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Investigative Services



Process Serving

We are available to serve your civil process in a fast, efficient and effective manner.  Returns and notification are made and filed quickly so that you can proceed upon your case as soon as possible.  We will even file your completed paperwork with the Clerk of the Court as an added benefit.



Our prior training and law enforcement experience are paramount in delivering professional services on cases requiring covert surveillance.


Domestic/Divorce/Child Custody

We can provide assistance and support with Dissolution of Marriage, community property valuation and division, child custody, support and modifications.  


Skip Chase

We utilize restricted state and national databases which allow access to information from numerous resources.  We can locate hard to find witnesses, relatives, probate, lost loves or a deadbeat parent.  Motor vehicle license tag and registration, a complete driver's license and accident history can be researched quickly and efficiently.


Background Checks

We provide background checks including a complete criminal history, worker's compensation, driver's license and accident search, and social security employment history.  


Compiling Interviews/Witness Statement Verification

Witness statement verification and the identification of hard to find or overlooked witnesses are critical to your case preparation.  We have experience in obtaining cooperative witness statements.


Workers Comp/SIU

Insurance fraud costs property and casualty insurance companies 25 billion dollars annually.  Worker's Comp alone accounts for a sizeable portion of this cost.  Claimant fraud occurs when an individual falsely files claims of an injury or exaggerates a legitimate injury to obtain insurance benefits.


Trial Preparation/Criminal Defense

We are available to assist in trial preparation for consultation regarding police policy and procedures, case review, witness development and evidence gathering.  We analyze your case and offer a perspective that is often overlooked by lay persons.  A qualified private investigator can gather the important information needed for your case.


Accident Reconstruction

We are available to immediately respond to accident scenes to record important facts and circumstances that are often overlooked.  Crash scene and vehicle photography can be obtained while the accident and the details thereof are fresh.


Asset Searches

Hidden or non-disclosed assets can be difficult to find, regardless of a subpoena.  We utilize proprietary databases to search bank accounts, investment accounts and a host of other secure databases. 


Personal Injury

PI cases can be expensive and challenging.  Fraudulent claims are increasing, time consuming and expensive to resolve.  Coming to a final resolution without fully investigating the claim can result in costs far in excess of what is necessary and just.  We can assist in determining the validity of the claim.


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